Goshree Islands

5 KM from Hotel Centre Point
They are a group of small islands ( Its area consists of entire Vypin Island, Vallarpadam, Bolgatty-Mulavukad Island, Thanthonnithuruthu, Kadamakkudy) in Vembanad Lake covering an area of 100 km with a population of 3.5 Lakhs. Each island is blessed with natural beauty with unique charm. Lets see each island.

Vypin Island

The island is about 27 km long. Vypin is connected to mainland Kochi by a series of bridges known as the Goshree Bridges, which take off from Kalamukku in Vypin, touches other two island and lands in Marine Drive, Kochi.

It has many beaches like Cherai, Kuzhuppilly Beach and the Puthuvype Beach which is one of the best attractions for the Tourists.

Cherai Beach is one of the best tourist attraction at Vypin

The West side has some beautiful churches and spots which attracts Tourists

Vallarpadam Island
Vallarpadam is one of the two islands, the other being Willingdon Island, around which the Port of Kochi is situated. Main attractions are :-

The Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom at Vallarpadam which is a major Catholic pilgrim center in the State

and other is The International Container Transshipment Terminal.

Bolgatty-Mulavukad Island
The Bolgatty Palace is located at the southern tip of the island. It was built by the Dutch as a centre for colonial administration, and later taken over by the British.

The Palace is a popular tourist attraction and a heritage hotel, managed by the Kerala State Tourism Department (KTDC).

The island has a golf course and an international marina. The marina was the first of its kind in India and was set up by KITCO, for KTDC.

Thanthonni Island
The island is still isolated with the city without a bridge connection. Till recently Electricity too was not available to the island. Only the boat service is the life line for the people living here. Inspite of all these island is gifted with natural beauty and peaceful living here.

Kadmakkudy Islands
A beautiful greeny island with a good calm and quiet place. Boat service is the main transportation to this island.

It also has some churches - Kadamakkudy Syrian Catholic Church is famous in Kochi.